Livin' la vida Logo!

I've had a lot of fun lately working on logos for the shop, both premade and custom.

If you know anyone looking for a nice (cheap!) logo or design, head on over to Viper Paper Company and check us out!


So I just learned today that Society 6 has rugs. Though I wish I could buy all the cool ones, I'll settle with sharing them here. Then later I can have this nice list to shop from!

My art room is full of pretty pastels, and any (OR ALL) of these would be amazing in there:

1 | 2 | 3 | 4

My entryway could use a nice small rug. I don't want anything too bold for the front door. My husbands office is adjacent and full of muted blues and grays. I think one of these would go nicely:

1 | 2 

On another note, I need this more than I need to breathe:

On a mission!

I'm making it a new goal to eat healthier lunches at work from now on.

I don't get too bad in the winter when I'm craving soup, but that doesn't last long and I go back to the fast food, random meals from Albertson's or Winco, or a soy chai latte with vanilla. Sound full of nutrients to you? Yeah, me neither.

That's why I'm setting myself on this new path. I'm making a list of my favorite (healthy) snacks and foods that will be easy to make ahead or in the morning and pack to work. I ordered a sweet bento box and little condiment containers for salad dressing from Amazon.

If I do a good job of taking lunch to work, I get a Kiki's delivery service bento with Jiji on it!

I love fruit,  hummus, dried fruit and some veggies for snacks. As it is, I've been having grape tomatoes and raspberries for snacks between meals, dessert, boredom grazing... but it's the main course that I have issues with.

Sammiches are my favorite. But I always have to assemble them at work. I like my bread toasted most of the time and avocado doesn't hold up well for long. This little box should help me contain all the ingredients with plenty of room to hold some salad mix with a bit of salad dressing on the side as well as some snacks.

Some wraps and lettuce wraps seem as though they may hold up in the hours between making and eating. But again, I LOVE AVOCADO. On everything. So it is either find a substitute, or unwrap and add it at work. Maybe make a paste and smear it on the outside?

We also get these amazingly delicious little flatbreads at Costco that are perfect for making little pizzas. So again, toast the bread, then add cheese and toppings to melt. What isn't going to be assembly required?! So much to plan!

I'll add updates on what works for me and how I like my boxes. If you have any meal ideas for me, I'm so ready to hear them!

A wishlist of one


Planning for the future

Warning - lots of rambling and bad iphone photos ahead!

Lately I feel like I do way more planning than doing.  

- Planning for decorating/furniture/art projects/building projects/gardening for the new house without getting to implement a lot of it. This, of course, includes many hours of online window shopping and journeying through shops.

- Dreaming about getting a new car since we pretty much have one vehicle (a classic truck is not good for a daily driver) and sometime in the next couple years I'll need 4 doors. I think we've decided on a Versa Note. I love little hatchbacks, what can I say?
- Coming up with new template and logo ideas for the etsy shop.
- Thinking about when we might want to try for kids and ALL OF THE THINGS that come with that. I'm actually thinking about getting this really cute dress from modcloth because I know I could wear it well into the pregnancy. I'M NOT TRYING TO GET PREGNANT. Who plans ahead like this? On the flip side, the last two dresses I bought would probably not fit if I even gained 5 points...

I couldn't get a rug or any accessories for the living room until the couch we ordered arrived. Now I can't because the color of the couch they delivered is SO far off it's not even close (we ordered dark gray, got light beige, lighter than our carpet). We ordered a dark gray to match the cat's fur better... this one isn't quite right for that.

But RC Willey was great about it. We just took in a cushion to prove it was wrong, they ordered us a new one, and we use the wrong one until it's ready. It wasn't even their fault, they put in the order right... it was just made wrong somehow.

I assembled this sweet shelf the other night while the husband slept. Not much on the shelf in this photo as I snapped it just after midnight when I finished it, but It's a bit better now. Some photo frames, flowers, and it's a good place to store our fermenting crock! I think I'll look for some baskets for the bottom shelf. It is also more gray than this picture shows, I love the color!

I have not found one single dining table I like. Add that my husband wants some huge ornate monstrosity (we do NOT live in a castle, honey!). So we are borrowing my parents' old table they no longer need. It's not bad. If I was willing to paint it and recolor the chair seats I would probably love it, but that project would be at least a year out with all the other ones I've got going.

My art room is up and running well! I have a great HUGE storage unit I got at the Youth Ranch (thrift store) months back for $40 that I need to paint and get in there. Until that happens I've got all sorts of furniture cast offs lining the walls and painted fun colors.

Organization: I've got a gold tray for my yarns, purple storage for embroidery thread, a yellow rack and a blue/gray shelf for paints, fabric paints, and paint pens. The white/blue plastic drawer holds felt. Frames, canvases, pads of paper, and things waiting to be hung are in three piles leaning on the walls. The yellow rolling cart (formerly the home of so much booze) is a good wrangler for my fabric bins. The woodgrain box holds clothes that need repaired.
Drawers in the desk hold cutting tool, taping & pasting tools, and other various sewing things. The rainbow drawers hold my drawing pencils & pens, prismacolor pencils, prismacolor markers, and various bits of sketches and random things. Books, scrapbooking supplies, and photos are held on the big black entertainment unit.

See?! So much random furniture. I'll have to keep the pink and silver shelf though. So sweet! I also need to make a few more pinatas to keep my tiny orange one company. It looks so lonely, and I have so much crepe paper left over from the wedding.

And I love my little window bench! I just have a blanket on it until I find time to make a cushion. But I do love that peach blanket. I got it at a yard sale for less than $5, and I always love a deal! And it matches my hair!

See ya next time!

Approaching a new year

2014 is nearly here, and seems pretty full of promise!

Things to look forward to:
- We should close on our house this week and be moved in by January 1st!
- Furnishing and making new memories in our home
- Dying my hair a super fun color (already lined up!) in January
- I'm learning so many new things and expanding what I do in my job and it's very exciting
- Game nights with our friends
- My little etsy shop has been going well lately, and I'm loving creating new products
- Our first wedding anniversary
- Maybe thinking about additions to the family!

Goals I for the first part of the year:
- I would love to create a scrapbook for each year we have together. At the end of each month, I hope to compile a few pages for that month to describe what we were up to.
- More prints, printables, and templates for the shop
- Finally put together our wedding guestbook quilt (I haven't had an art room for months!)
- Get back to painting & embroidery - it's been awhile since I've taken either seriously
- Keep learning to knit, I mostly don't screw up and end up with holes anymore. Mostly...
- I have a top-secret project (my own convenience invention) that I really want to design and build

Things that matter.

 For the first time ever, an Indian American won Miss America. Amazing! This should be a milestone, something to celebrate. Our diversity is a great thing. But... there's been so much backlash. So many awful, racist, ignorant, and downright shitty comments. Yes, this is America, where if you're not white (and preferably blonde) you aren't American.

And this is not long after the backlash from Marion Bartoli winning Wimbledon over a woman many considered more worthy because they thought she was more attractive. Comments from both the public and announcers.

This is a terrible world in which to be a woman.

PS, yes, I've been catching up on the last two seasons of Supernatural the past couple of weeks. Winchester overload!

Dreaming of decorating

Cam and I are buying a house!! Kind of... we're buying a lot, and a floor plan, and then it's getting built. So we have until around January or February before we have an ACTUAL house.

I'm so excited!

And this gives me months of knowing basically what my house will look like to plan out how I want it to be arranged, to be decorated, etc. So happy! I'm sure I will have a lot of inspiration posts in the future - I have so much to think about!